*NEW* Rives Industrial Ordinance Draft 5

February 2020

Draft 5 of the new industrial ordiance along with minutes outlining the changes being made to it that will appear in draft 6 at the next PC meeting.

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Novi Energy Proposes Industrial 1800 MW Natural Gas Power Plant on 200 acres of Agricultural Land in Rives Township, Mi.

CKRR was formed to Keep Rives Rural and stop Novi Energy from 

developing Cornerstone Energy Center in Rives Township. 

Estimated Emissions Data

CEC could potentially be the LARGEST AIR POLLUTER in Ingham County and SECOND largest in Jackson County (nearly tied for first) based upon comparative analysis of EPA data of alike plants:


#1 Industrial Source of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) in Ingham and Jackson Counties. Causes asthma, respiratory disease, stroke.

#1 Industrial Source of Formaldehyde Emissions in Ingham and Jackson Counties. Respiratory irritant that causes cancer.

#1 Industrial Source of Ammonia Air Emissions in Ingham and Jackson Counties. Is a respiratory irritant.

#1 Industrial Source of Particulate Matter (PM10 & PM2.5) in Ingham & Jackson Counties. Lung disease, asthma, bronchitis, heart attacks.

#1 Industrial Source of Sulfur Oxides (SOx) in Ingham County, #2 in Jackson County. Causes asthma attacks, chronic respiratory and heart disease, stroke.

#1 Industrial Source of Carbon Monoxide emissions in Ingham County and #4 in Jackson County. Causes headaches, dizziness, heart disease.

#1 Industrial Source of Hexane emissions in Ingham and Jackson Counties. Affects the brain causing headaches, dizziness, confusion.

#4 Industrial Source of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Ingham County and #7 in Jackson County. Irritates eyes, nose, throat, difficulty breathing, nausea, damage CNS, cause Cancer.

CEC is proposed on Baseline Road, the BORDER LINE ROAD of Ingham and Jackson Counties. 

Download Estimated Emissions Reports for JACKSON and INGHAM Counties

Reports created by Energy Justice:   www.energyjustice.net

Jackson County Annual Est Emissions Report (pdf)


Ingham County Annual Est Emissions Report (pdf)


Important Meetings


It is imperative that all residents of Rives Township and concerned residents of neighboring townships attend the following meetings to voice your concerns about the proposed Cornerstone Energy Center Power Plant.

No upcoming events.

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  • Novi Energy is a developer that has proposed building a three unit 1800 MW Natural Gas Power Plant on approx. 200 acres off Baseline Road (the border of Leslie and Rives Townships/and the border of Jackson and Ingham Counties) between Churchill Road & Johnston Road.

  • The proposed power plant is a Merchant Power Plant – it is NOT a public utility. It would NOT be competition for Consumers Energy, BWL, DTE, etc.

  • Power produced would be wholesaled to the grid, and likely exported out of the State (maybe even out of the country). Adding this power plant to our area will NOT lower consumer electric costs.

  • The land proposed for the site is currently zoned Agricultural, is actively farmed, and is pristine farmland. NOTE: 175 acres of farm and ranch land in the U.S. is lost to sprawl and development every HOUR.

  • This will be one of THE largest natural gas power plants in the United States.

  • The proposed site is surrounded by homes, families, and farms.

  • The proposed power plant will emit harmful and cancer causing air pollution. The worst affected will be within a 5 mile radius of the plant, which includes residents in the communities of Rives Township, Leslie Township, the City of Leslie, Onondaga Township, Tompkins Township, and Pleasant Lake.

  • The proposed power plant will cause water pollution, noise pollution, and light pollution.

  • Novi Energy has proposed using the Grand River as a water source, as well as for discharging. They also propose drilling wells drilling into our aquifers.

  • Natural Gas is not “Clean Energy”. It is cleaner than coal, it is better than the WORST. New energy infrastructure should be for renewable energy, not fossil fuel reliant.

  • The Construction phase of the plant is expected to be 2-3 years PER UNIT. At peak construction there may be approximately 700+ construction vehicles and heavy equipment machines operating up and down Bellevue Road, Churchill Road, Baseline Road, and Berry Road – to and from the site - every single day.

  • Construction jobs created by this power plant would be short term and would still exist when/if this power plant is properly located. Upon completion the plant would only employ approximately 20 people with highly complex power plant operating roles.

  • Novi Energy, the developer, has proposed tax abatement and payments in lieu of taxes as a way to eliminate or reduce paying their fair share of tax revenue for the proposed power plant.

  • Property values for homes in the vicinity of the power plant will plummet. There may be challenges to selling homes in the future as mortgages can be denied due to such nuisance and hazards in the area.

  • Rural living for families in Rives and Leslie Townships will be ruined forever.

  • Allowing a heavy industrial power plant to be built on agricultural land in this location sets a precedent and opens the door for anyone to have a heavy industrial complex built next to their home throughout the township. 

What can you do to stop the power plant?

  • Join the CITIZENS TO KEEP RIVES RURAL (CKRR) movement – Like & Follow CKRR on Facebook and add request we add your name/e-mail to our electronic email update list which can be done via our website www.Rives-Voice.com.

  • Attend every board meeting, planning commission meeting, and CKRR Meeting that you can and WEAR RED to UNITE!

  • Get on the record and make a public comment at all meetings.

  • Tell your story, spread the facts, and educate your family, friends, and neighbors about this power plant.

  • Write letters and make phone calls to Rives Township Board members, PC members, and political figures EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

  • Put a STOP Cornerstone Power Plant sign in your yard.

  • Be registered to vote!

Citizens to Keep Rives Rural remains focused on stopping this development. We will do everything in our power to educate Rives Township officials and our community members with all information we obtain. 

With the support of our community members, CKRR has retained a very powerful and reputable attorney to assist us in attaining our goals.

Important Letters

Novi Energy E-mail Correspondence

Released by Rives Township Supervisor, Jerry Adams.

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